Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Welcome to our "paying it forward" blog!

This past year (2005) was good . . . no, great . . . no, fabulous! I turned 40 and threw a big party (luau) which I celebrated with my father (65) and my oldest daughter (16). You see, we were all born on the same day, January 25. Three generations.

It was a year full of adventures and trips. As the year came to a close, I sat down to ponder on my life and accomplishments at this time in my life. I am blessed. I have a healthy family, own a growing business, enjoy working out, etc. Years ago, I found gratitude which has kept me grounded. I am happy.

As I prepare to celebrate my 41st birthday, I would like to start a new tradition, one that I hope will be shared and passed on. My vision is to see it grow and expand as others join in the effort to pay it foward, to make a difference, to give back, and to reach out to help someone in need.

Here is the idea:
Everyone has a birthday, right? For your birthday every year, hold a party/gathering/dinner/tea, whatever you enjoy most but instead of receiving gifts, ask everyone invited to make a donation to a specific charity. I will post a list of charities which I have verified and reviewed. The donations will be made directly through that charity's website or office.

I will host a birthday dinner this year to unveil this new charity organization. My best friend and I will do this together and we have our license. No money will flow through our group as we will ask everyone to make a direct donation. The website will be published soon with forms which you can print out, fill and submit with your donation or links so you can do it online.

There is so much need around us. I would like to invite you to submit ideas or suggestions. Paying it forward works! We can all make a little difference in the world. Many of us, including myself, are already involved in other charitable organizations and/or make donations on a regular basis. That's awesome! It seems that donations are commonly received throughout the holiday season. How about keeping it alive throughout the year? After all, we all have birthdays . . .

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Keep posted for more info . . .


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